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Pharmacy Week


SAAHIP is an acronym for the South African Association of Hospital and Institutional Pharmacists.

As a sector of the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA), SAAHIP has the following as its objectives:

    • To promote the professional, educational and economic interests of the members of the Association and of the pharmaceutical profession, with specific emphasis on pharmacists active in the practice of hospital and institutional pharmacy;
    • To uphold and improve the professional integrity and standards of professional conduct of the members of the Association;
  • To improve, promote and maintain the image of the profession;
  • To represent generally the views and interests of the members on all pharmaceutical matters, including representing the members in dealings with government and similar agencies;
  • To uphold and assist in the promotion and maintenance of the health of the people of South Africa through the provision of a satisfactory and dependable pharmaceutical service;
  • To provide and promote benefits to its members and to do all such things as may advance the interests of its members; and
  • In recognising the diversity of the population of the Republic of South Africa, to promote the representation of all sectors of the South African community in its membership.


The SAAHIP Executive Committee comprises of the following positions:

  1. The President;
  2. The Vice-president;
  3. The Immediate Past President;
  4. The Secretary;
  5. The Treasurer;
  6. The Chairpersons of all 10 branches of the Association (each responsible for a portfolio), and
  7. Invited members responsible for specific portfolios.

To read a list of the current SAAHIP Executive, or contact them, please click here.


  • PSSA membership;
  • CPD evenings – both PSSA and SAAHIP (especially since CPD portfolios are now mandatory);
  • Monthly Pharmacy Journal – SAPJ;
  • Access to indemnity insurance;
  • One free consultation with an attorney regarding labour law issues;
  • PSSA newsletter (contains information regarding salary negotiations, changes to legislation and withdrawal, or the recall of medicine);
  • Opportunity to attend the annual SAAHIP conference;
  • Excellent networking opportunities;
  • SAAHIP L-list (communication platform including all SAAHIP members through Email);
  • Hospital specific queries;
  • Useful for Community Service Pharmacists (CSP’s) placed in rural areas;
  • Discount on reference books e.g. SAMF;
  • Involvement with PSA in negotiating salaries and other basic conditions of employment;
  • Assist CSP’s during their application for community service (branch specific);
  • Offer bursaries for post-graduate studies;
  • Sponsors Clinical Skills competition at the annual SAPSF Conference, and
  • The winner of the Clinical Skills competition receives a one-year free membership AND attends the SAAHIP Conference for that year, free of charge.


  • Lifehealthcare Best Podium Presentation and Poster at the annual conference;
  • Mediclinic Best Scenario Presentation;
  • Adcock Ingram Critical Care Pearl Award;
  • SAAHIP-SAPSF Critical Award;
  • Best Stand Award;
  • Membership Trophy;
  • Spirit Award; and
  • Joe Cohen Memorial Swimming Trophy.


  • SAAHIP Bursary


ACADEMICALLY ORIENTATED: Excellent standard of academic presentations consisting of:

  1. Podium presentations;
  2. Poster presentations;
  3. Pearl presentations; and
  4. Workshops

  1. Evening social events;
  2. Spirit Award;
  3. Swimming Trophy; and
  4. Meeting fellow pharmacists